Wedding Facts & Trivia

In ancient Egypt men preferred not to deflower their virgin brides personally. Instead a servant had to undertake the chore.

Beware of the bubbly! Statistically more people are killed around the world each year by champagne corks than by poisonous spiders.

Every day, 26,000 couples get married in China.

In 2006 a Sudanese man was caught having sex with his neighbor's goat. He was forced to marry it and pay a dowry to its former owner.

With this profile I thee wed... 1 in 8 couples marrying in America met on the internet via social networks or dating sites.

In the UK Grey is the most common colour worn by the male participants at weddings. Could we have found a less interesting fact?

Worried about how much your bride is spending on your wedding and the impending call from your bank manager inviting you in for a “little chat”? Well it could be worse. The most expensive marriage recorded was that of Sheik Rashid Bin Saeed Al Maktoum's son to Princess Salama in Dubai in May 1981. Not wanting to be outdone by a certain Charles and Diana who wed that year the Dubai wedding cost over £22 million and included a purposebuilt stadium.

The average wedding cost in the UK is around the £20K. £460 of that is spent on balloons and decorations!?!

In Korea after the wedding ceremony, friends of the groom take off his socks, tie a rope around the ankles, and start beating soles of his feet with dried yellow corvina. Yellow corvina is kind of fish! It is done to make the groom stronger before the first wedding night. What's wrong with Viagra?

In Germany friends of bride and groom kidnap the bride. The groom then has to enlist a search party by buying a drink for anyone who'll join him in the search. The soon to be pissed posse then set off from the pub searching houses and hostelries on route (stopping for a beverage or eight) until they find his bride.

At the wedding reception in Portugal the bride takes off her shoes. They are then used for the guests to put some money inside. While at Jewish wedding money is pinned to the bride's dress.

At Moravian weddings (in the Czech Republic) the bride and groom light one big candle. The flame is then passed between all the guests creating a room of candlelight.

Trying to trim your guest list? The largest wedding attendance was a Jewish wedding in Jerusalem in 1993 where 30,000 people attended.

Elton John was on a right little earner when he was paid a reported £2 million to sing at the wedding of multi-millionaire Peter and Pauline Shalson.

The marriage of Wills & Kate was the highest viewed TV event in history. An estimated a 2 billion people around the world (that's nearly 1 out of every 3 residents of the entire planet!) tuned in to watch William Windsor, marry Kate Middleton at Westminster Abbey and then kiss her twice on the balcony (and no that isn’t a euphemism).

Groom Vlad Chordilovich forced his bride to take a lie detector test before their wedding but was dumped after his bride Nikita Bayanova caught him having sex with a bridesmaid at their wedding in Russia.

Things went a bit pear shaped for a Scottish couple when the groom left a skidmark on the bride's pristine wedding dress.Like a true Scotsman Angus McClure didn't wear anything under his kilt when he married Sarah Grant in Greenock, Scotland.
But everything kicked off between the two "clans" when her right hook upset the groom’s family. The police were called and made 7 arrests before order was restored. Angus and Sarah kissed and made up and he probably got a nice pair of tartan boxer shorts for Christmas.

The marriage of Sit Temulji Nairman to Lady Nariman lasted 86 years, they were five years old when they wed.

Traditionally the top layer of a wedding cake is known as the groom's cake and should be kept safe and eaten on the couple’s first anniversary.

In Greece the names of all the bride's unmarried female friends and relatives are written on the soles of her shoes. After the wedding, the shoes are examined and those whose names have been worn off will soon be taken up the aisle (!?!).

In Slovakia the groom puts the bride on his shoulder and carries her away from the wedding reception.

At Swedish wedding receptions if the bride goes leaves the room at any point all of the women at the reception line up to kiss the groom. If the groom exits the room and is out of sight, the men line up to kiss the bride.

The word "wed" is derived from the ancient Greek word for "pledge."

In Ireland during the reception, when the couple is dancing, the bride’s feet must remain on the floor. According to Guinness fuelled folklore, fairies love beautiful things and their favourite beautiful thing is a bride. If the bride has even one foot off the ground, then she could be grabbed by the fairies. Which sounds painful!

More Irish superstition decrees it unlucky to wear green or for a bride or the groom to sing at their own wedding. Sadly that doesn’t stop a tone deaf uncle from giving everyone his heartfelt, glass shattering version of Danny Boy.

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